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Intrinsic Valuation:

How to read this pie chart?

If we take into account all future revenues and costs (discounted at today's value), has the potential to grow % which is equivalent to $B Net Present Value of total revenue.

From the total net present value of revenue, only $B is its Net Profit which belongs to the shareholders and determines the company's intrinsic value. If we divide it to the number of shares, 's stock fair price will be $.

Who gets the rest of the revenue? It will cover the company's costs. Let us divide costs into Production, Operation, and Corporation costs.

  • Production costs cover direct cost of goods sold: $B
  • Operation costs cover fixed daily costs to keep company operating: $B
  • Corporation costs cover tax and interest that corporate will pay after all deductions: $B
One may evaluate the company's efficiency in production, operation, and corporation levels (in comparison to its peers) by these numbers along with its growth potential.

Please note that these are the inVisement estimations using a prioprietary algorithm to figure out the Long Term Interinsic Value of the company. The market speculations may or may not agree with these estimations, especially in the near future. Use it at your own risk.

Historical Price Chart

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